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Innovation in data and AI

Seth has been nominated one of Corinium's Top 100 Leaders in Data & Analytics 2022. He has also been named AI innovator of the year in 2021 by winning the AI Summit award, which recognized Seth as a business leader who has trailblazed breakthroughs AI solutions.


Innovation has been a red thread across Seth's career. He believes that diversity and inclusiveness foster innovation, and innovation generates concrete business results. With this belief, Seth has reimagined data science practices in many ways. He brought a human-centered approach to the center of AI adoption by creating a methodology that guides enterprises to develop an AI strategy centered on human needs and supports the corporate business strategy. His vision to bring a human-centered approach to AI into practice, at the core of the design, development, deployment, and monitoring of models, has changed IBM's got-to-market strategies in AI. 

Top Data Innovators

Changing Data Science practices

Seth is the founder of a unique and diverse team of data scientists, the Data Science and AI Elite. This was the first multidisciplinary team founded in IBM, and that served as a model for the future client-facing teams created in data science and AI. The multidisciplinary and diversity at the heart of the Data Science and AI Elite team brought for the first time different experts, such as data journalists, strategists, and designers, together with data scientists to frame data and AI problems into solutions through the lens of human needs. Seth assembled the team in this way because he believes that excellence in data science and cutting-edge technologies do not enable an enterprise's AI transformation by themselves.

Yet, the actual strength and the immense success of the Data Science and AI Elite team truly dwell in its diversity. As a forward-thinking leader in AI, Seth has always considered the values of diversity and inclusivity key to implementing trusted and responsible AI systems.

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