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Podcast episodes

What "Building an AI Culture" Really Involves

The AI in Business Podcast  with IBM's Chief AI Officer Seth Dobrin

In AI We Trust?

Seth Dobrin on how to establish a human-centered approach to data and AI


IBM's AI chief on artificial intelligence today and tomorrow

Trustworthy AI

Expert TV SocialNot: Featuring Seth Dobrin, Chief Data Officer, Cloud & Cognitive Software, IBM. 

Eye On A.I. Podcast

Interview with Seth Dobrin, chief AI officer at IBM, talks about the company's tools to increase the trustworthiness, fairness, and explainability of AI models

Tackling AI bias head on

Geneticist and AI thought leader Seth Dobrin explains the importance of diversity in the pursuit of innovation. 

School for Startups Radio

Mental Health Matcher Ryan Schwartz, IBM Chief AI Officer Seth Dobrin, and Debt Lawyer Michael Agruss 



Fpg Maestro 

Leadership Series, Seth Dobrin IBM

Making Data Simple

The current status of data and AI in the enterprise with Seth Dobrin



Making Data Simple

Data and Tech in 2018: A Year in Review with Seth Dobrin

Keys to Leading Successful Data Science Initiatives 

DataTalk podcast with  Dr. Seth Dobrin at IBM Analytics

Making Data Simple

What's Next in the World of Data & Analytics 



Smart Cities   

AI for Good: IBM's Chief AI Officer and Urban Institute CIO Graham McDonald


The Practical Business Case for AI Governance 

The AI in Business Podcast with IBM's Chief AI Officer Seth Dobrin

Lead Your Team with Artificial Intelligence ? 

Lead the team podcast with IBM Global Chief AI Office, Dr. Seth Dobrin

The School for Startups Radio 

MAY 18, 2022 – B2B marketing Paull Cash, Age of Consciousness Dr. William Halal and IBM AI Seth Dobrin

Into Tomorrow With Dave Graveline

Seth Dobrin, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer - IBM Patrick in Tyler, Texas listens on KTBB and asked questions about home security systems.

How Is AI Playing A Role In The Lives Of Consumers And Businesses With IBM

Into Tomorrow podcast: Dave Graveline talks to Seth Dobrin, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer of IBM 



Into Tomorrow With Dave Graveline 

Weekend of December 31, 2021 – Hour 1: with guest IBM's AI chief, Seth Dobrin


The National News Podcast   

IBM's AI chief, Seth Dobrin, on the singularity, data privacy, and the new space race



How a human-centered approach is building trustworthy AI with IBM's Seth Dobrin

How a human-centered approach is building trustworthy AI

Malcolm Gladwell talks to Christina Montgomery, IBM's Chief Privacy Officer and AI Ethics Board Co-Chair, and Dr. Seth Dobrin, IBM's Global Chief AI Officer

Global Enterprise Customer Insights: An Analysis of 2021 IT Investment Priorities

NetEvent Podcast: an analysis for IT in 2021 with Dr. Seth Dobrin, IBM's Global Chief AI Officer

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