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Upcoming Talks

13-15 Sept, 2022

Global AI Summit

Title coming soon 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

October, 2022

US Federal Reserve Bank IT Conference

Title coming soon 


10-14 October, 2022

GITEX, Technology Week

Title coming soon 

Dubai, UAE

26 October, 2022


Title coming soon 


Past Talks


16  June, 2022

TNW Conference

Building creative partnerships between humans and machines

Amsterdam, Netherlands

6 May, 2022

Data Innovation Summit

16 April, 2022

AI Festival 

15 June, 2022

AI Summit London

22 March, 2022

The power of AI - Experience Club Event 

 AI is human-centered

Brazil (virtual)


9 Dec, 2021

AI Summit

Panel Discussion, AI Maturity

New York, USA

18 Nov, 2021

La French Tech Raleigh

Top AI Speaker to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

Raleigh, USA 

10 Nov, 2021

IBM Community Festival

 AI is Human-centered

Virtual Event

18 Oct, 2021

Gitex Technology Week

AI is Human-Centered 

Dubai, World Trade Center

06 Oct, 2021

IIUG International Informix

 AI is Human-centered

Virtual Event 

17 Aug, 2021

ICWO Digital

Trust & Transparency: The Key to AI Governance Success

Virtual Event 

12 May, 2021

IBM Think

Trustworthy AI is Human-Centered

Virtual Even

10 May, 2021

Georgetown University 

Trustworthy AI: Towards a more responsible and competitive busines

Washington DC, USA— Virtual Even

13 Apr, 2021

Hybrid Cloud South Africa

Agile Enterprise

Virtual Even


9 Dec, 2020

AI Summit

Panel Discussion

New York, Virtual Event 

30 Nov, 2020

DAIR Annual Symposium

The role of bias in AI Ethics

Virtual Event 

20 Nov, 2020

Data Natives

Transforming businesses via data science

Berlin, Germany — Virtual Even

18 Nov, 2020

Valley ML AI Expo Panel

How Innovation Will Shape the Organization of the Future

Virtual Event

12 Nov, 2020

UK CDO forum

AI Ethics

Virtual Even

6 December, 2020

Gitex Technology Week

Panel Discussion: Bias in AI

Operationalize AI trhu Design

Dubai, World Trade Center

21 Oct, 2020

IBM - AMA Global Elite

Ask me Anything featuring an IBM Chief Data Officer 

Virtual Even

30 Aug, 2020

TEDx University at Buffalo

AI Bias is a human problem

Virtual Event 

16 Sep, 2020

IBM Global Elite EMEA Forum

The Journey of Danske Bank’s First-Ever Chief Data Officer

Virtual Even


8 Dec, 2019

AI Summit

Panel Discussion

New York, Virtual Event 

22 Oct, 2019

IBM Data and AI Forum

Panel Discussion

Miami, FL  


6 Mar, 2018

Strata Data Conference

Journey to digital

San Jose, CA 

24 Apr, 2018

CDO Summit

Seth Dobrin, IBM & Asim Tewary, Verizon

San Francisco, USA

24 Oct, 2018

UN World Data Forum

Data Scientists: what are they? 

Dubai, UAE


25 Oct, 2017

CDO Summit

Seth Dobrin & Jennifer Gibbs | IBM CDO Strategy Summit

Boston, USA

13 Feb, 2017

Data + AI Summit - Data Bricks

Data Science Transformation Via Apache Spark on Hybrid Cloud

San Francisco, CA

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